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When the Walls speak

El Cristo de la Higuera - Fragmento

Walter Solón Romero Gonzales (1923-1999) was a master Bolivian muralist that lived with the obsession to make the walls speak, embrace and dream. He painted walls and canvas to refresh the memory, unhide the truth and light up rebel spirits.

Today to address climate change we must use all our creativity, humor and imagination to challenge the pragmatism that erodes human beings. These are difficult times in which capital can capture almost every idea and transformed in its opposite like it has happened with the “green economy” concept. That is why it is so important to go from the discourse to the practice and to link the local with the galobal to reveal the contradictions of this system with real alternatives.

In this task the Fundación Solón aims to contribute combining art with utopia.

  • Promoting complementarity between different systemic alternatives like Buen Vivir, degrowth, rights of Mother Earth, eco-feminism, deglobalización, the common, food sovereignty and others.
  • Building the Bolivian Observatory on Climate Change and «Development» (obccd.org) to monitor and make concrete proposals like 0% deforestation and 25% solar energy in Bolivia for 2020.
  • Supporting actions to defend human rights, gender rights, indigenous people rights and the rights of Mother Earth,
  • Developing cultural initiatives like murals from young artists, videos, songs and our radio program «La Cucaracha.»

Solón said that when the walls speak the powerful tremble. Today we need to amplify the voices of climate migrants, the elderly who die from heat waves, the forests that creak from fire, the soil and water that bleed from agribusiness and the call of nature that looks stunned as corporations continue to extract the black gold that burns the planet.

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