The last time he was seen was on February 2, 1972. His mother saw him from a distance when she brought his lunch to the prison of Pari in Santa Cruz. He did some signs over the red roses of a tablecloth. She didn’t understand the message. She wondered why he wore a thick sweater when it was so hot.

When she returned in the afternoon, he was gone. They told her that he had been taken to the police station for further interrogation. She looked for him in the night, she looked for him the next day, she searched him for 40 years.

José Carlos Trujillo Oroza was 22 years old. He disappeared during the military dictatorship of Banzer together with Carlos López Adrián and Alfonso Toledo Rosales. Decades later the press asked Banzer about the disappeared. The dictator replied: «they were not angels». The outraged mother responded: «if my son had any responsibility he should have been judged, but never tortured and even less, disappeared with two other young boys.»

Gladys Oroza de Solón died 40 years after the disappearance of Jo. In the year 2000 she was able to obtain a sentence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights against the State of Bolivia for this fact. Almost at the end of her life she achieved a resolution of the Supreme Court of Justice of Bolivia that sanction some of the authors of the torture and disappearance of her son. However, her life was not enough to discover the truth of what happened that February 2 and to find his remains.

Today we remember 45 years and the search continues. #Jo45years

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